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Jess Party
Friday we were supposed to cook our Indian meal. I stopped at a Kroger to get the last few ingredients but I’d forgotten my wallet at home or school. Running around to find that wallet cost me over an hour in rush-hour traffic. That put me in a grumpy and it was getting late so we dropped the idea of cooking that night and just drank instead. Anna came over and we all stayed up till four in the morning. The girls took the bed and I tried sleeping on the floor. Inebriated and tired as I was, I couldn’t really sleep down there.

Sometime during the night I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed how Brittney was curled up almost fetal-like in Anna’s arms. I felt a fierce pang of jealousy at that sight. I was severely displeased. And yet I knew I had no right to be jealous. That’s when I realized that I’m getting too attached to her. I really need to back off.

Fortunately Anna had to go to her shift at Jack-in-the-Box at 6 am so after I dropped her off I could relocate to the bed. That gave me a few hours of sleep, but none of the coveted cuddling. We had breakfast tea together before I headed out Saturday morning. That afternoon I mostly napped to make up for the night before.

Saturday evening one of our science teacher colleagues hosted a Christmas party. Gale has a pretty nice house; I wonder what her husband does. It was a random assortment of science teachers. Brittney and I were the only ones who brought booze, which was a bit awkward but after a couple beers I didn’t really mind anymore. Gale’s husband was the highlight of the party. A few of us (the drinkers) wound up in the ManCave, where Jim regaled us with random stories and general orneriness. I’m not sure if I believe his story that he invented the maxi pad, but everything else he told us seemed plausible. Brittney was officially/unofficially adopted into their family when Jim began to refer to her as ‘bitch,’ his term-of-endearment of choice. I continue to marvel at how easily Brittney acquires new friends at every event we go to. She makes it look so easy.

The other teachers headed out early and we were the only non-family members there by the end of it. We left just before midnight and Anna re-appeared once we were back at Brittney’s. This displeased me. Not because I’d have to share Brittney’s company, but mostly because it boded that we’d be staying up late again. I don’t have the stamina to do that night after night. I tried hanging with them for awhile but soon enough Brittney was on the phone with a friend(?) who was causing some drama. So she disappeared and I presumed that it’d be a while before she got back. I told Anna as much and stepped outside. I went to my truck, turned on the heater, and dozed off. About half an hour later I roused and checked my phone. There wasn’t anything from Brittney so I assumed she was still preoccupied. I decided not to bother returning to the apartment so I bid farewell and headed home. It took another 15 minutes for Brittney to respond, so a total of 45 minutes that she hadn’t noticed my absence. I took that as proof that she wouldn’t mind my absence; she had Anna’s company after all and I didn’t want to attempt sleeping on the floor again anyways. Of course that displeased Brittney but I learned after the fact that she and Anna still had a fun night without me.

I went out to pho for breakfast with Brittney and then returned to her place to work on school stuff until we headed out to Jess’s holiday party that afternoon. It started at 3 pm, which felt a bit early to me, but I was optimistic that we’d be heading out at an early hour, so I could catch up on rest and the schoolwork I’d been ignoring all weekend.

Jess’s party turned out to be pretty big. Their house is decently sized, but soon there wasn’t enough room to sit. And she’d taken a week off of work (alleged) to clean house, so it was a vast improvement from the last time I’d been there. And the spread of food was staggering. She really went all out. Brittney and I’d only brought snacks because the food RSVP list had already covered all the bases. Of course I didn’t know anyone there besides Brittney, but there were some kids there so I played with them when I couldn’t find a conversation to invade (which was most of the time). We ate till we were stuffed and then there was a white elephant present . . . thing, which I’d been unaware of. Brittney was keen on me meeting Jess’s dad, Paul. He seemed to be a stoner carpenter, so I was like, “Ah, I recognize this creature.” He was a fun guy. Even though I told him Brittney and I were friends and teachers at the same school, he was all, “You have a beautiful wife.” Just a joker.

The bulk of the festivities were over by eight and I was honestly ready to go by then. Most of the attendees left over the next hour until it was just us younger people who were still chatting and nibbling. Brittney was toasty so she didn’t quite hear my suggestions that we head out. If it wasn’t a school night I would’ve kept up with her but my Monday was going to be difficult enough without a hangover. When she disappeared around 9 I started to get grumpy. I’m used to being ignored by her after she reaches a certain point, but in this case I had no choice but to stick around. Jess told me that she was getting high with David. If I was going to have to stick around I didn’t want to be excluded from the fun.

When Brittney and David emerged I told her as much and David was generous enough to offer me a dab. Half an hour later I wasn’t feeling anything, only to learn from Jess that he’d made me a small one on account of how many friends they’ve had overdo it on their first time out. I didn’t want to be rude or ungrateful, so Jess relayed my disappointment to David and he made me a regular one. I nearly coughed up a lung that time. Shortly thereafter David turned in for the night and that signaled that it was time for us to leave.

I drove home of course. Brittney was all sorts of happy and she kept commenting on how high I was, but I doubted she was able to objectively/subjectively(?) appraise me. I’m pretty sure it was just her skewed impression. I felt more relaxed, but was in full command of my faculties. I did miss a couple of turns on the way back, but that was mostly because it was dark and my navigator was incapacitated. David had said this stuff would be more “expansive,” so maybe it was just that or I didn’t get enough. Either way, it was pleasant. Brittney was visibly happy that I’d ventured into her hobby. She mentioned that she would gladly give up booze in favor of bud and I replied that maybe it’s something we should do. It’d be a lot less calories I’d be ingesting, at least.

Brittney hit her wall within a few minutes and conked out. I don’t know if it was my fatigue or the THC, but that drive back from DeSoto seemed to take forever. Even though the effects were underwhelming, it was interesting to discover that I wasn’t completely immune to the stuff. All the other times I’d tried it I hadn’t felt anything. Same thing for tobacco and hookah. I was starting to wonder if I was just immune to all types of smoking. Not that I’d want to get into it seriously, though. But still, it’s good to know that it’s an option for fun.


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