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Start of Summer
I would say this past month has been a resurgence for my friendship with Bamboo. I had once thought, if we didn’t reconnect by the start of May, it wouldn’t happen at all because the school year would soon be over. We didn’t hang out till mid-May; better late than never, I guess? Ramadan started soon after so Bamboo wasn’t drinking anymore and wasn’t even eating until sun-down. I’d be leaving for Turkey at the beginning of June, so I was a bit concerned that this late start combined with these handicaps would prevent a reconnection.
Bamboo actually took me to the airport since my family was out of town on vacation, and helped me out with some good ideas and stayed in touch while I was gone. She couldn’t pick me up when I returned because of some car trouble but I went to her place anyways since she had my truck. As soon as she saw me she greeted me with a hug. Contact. In a way, this evening was a combined celebration of the end of Ramadan, her recently-passed birthday, and my return. I was very sleep-deprived but I really wanted to enjoy this. We hung out with her Nigerian neighbors upstairs. I held back on the alcohol a bit, just so I could hold it together. Fortunately Bamboo tapped out around 10 pm. I guess her month of sobriety had temporarily made her a lightweight. That was fine by me. We went back to her place and crashed in short order. I actually fell asleep on the bedroom floor while I waited to sober up. Bamboo compelled me to get in bed like a normal human being. Now I’d resolved to never again set foot in her bedroom or sleep in her bed out of regret for what had happened, but here I was, tossing that resolution out the window in the face of my fatigue and intoxication. That’s some real commitment, huh?
The next morning kinda continued with the drinking. I felt like being done, but accidentally recommended some hair of the dog. So the beers continued. Eventually we got out of bed to go get some lunch but detoured to Benji’s apartment instead. I think the accumulation of beers had caught up with Bamboo at that point because as soon as lunch was over she conked out on his couch. He had a nice apartment with a balcony over-looking a concert that was getting set up for the night. We’d ostensibly gone over to his place to smoke. He seemed like a fun guy and I smoked a little, but it was kinda quiet with just the two of us. I felt like getting home and getting some genuine rest, so I coaxed Bamboo awake and we headed out.
That homecoming meant a lot to me. Quite often Bamboo had mentioned how much she missed my company over the two weeks I’d been gone. That was touching. And overall, it felt like things had returned to normal. I hadn’t expected such a present upon my return but I was sincerely grateful to receive it.
Since then we’ve hung out a fair bit. We both have equal amounts of free-time and boredom. I’m trying (and I think she is too) to hold back on the drinking. It just . . . gets old and shouldn’t be what we do all the time. It’s kinda hard to come up with stuff to do. My response to free-time is to tackle a project but I don’t think she’s quite as hands-on or self-propelled. And I wouldn’t want to bring any of my junk to her clean, pet-friendly place. And we both need to be mindful about saving money, so that also limits our options. I know she’s cool with doing absolutely nothing while hanging out but I feel restless when I’m at someone else’s place for no discernible purpose.
So yeah, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the next seven weeks of summer. I may resume driving for Uber if Cameron and Katherine are game. I have a couple costumes to prepare for Dragon*Con, though I’ll admit my enthusiasm is feeble at the moment. I really need to get started though. I have to be cautious not to spend too much. My bank account is reeling from the Turkey trip. And then I had also promised myself I would move out before school resumed which means I need to get on the ball about finding an apartment. I also need to ditch my truck ASAP but I don’t know if I can afford the double whammy of a car payment and apartment stuff all at once. But I can’t just ignore those matters. As much as the truck is an imminent concern I think I’ll focus on the apartment first. I have to get out of this house, sooner than later. Ugh, and I have to put together a robust curriculum for my expanded Earth & Space class. I don’t know whether this is genuinely a long list of things to-do, or just seems that way because I have a deficit of motivation.
Hmm. Well, either way, I’ve got to start chipping away at it.


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